The London West Innovation Network (LWIN) brings together solution seekers, solvers, and scalers to collaborate and innovate for a more impactful and sustainable future.  LWIN is focussed on the geography surrounding Heathrow and is structured as an unincorporated association with a secretariat provided by West London Business (WLB).

The LWIN platform is networking people and places locally, and building links across the UK and internationally, to nurture new skills, develop new products, and reshape services while reducing and ultimately eliminating the impacts of greenhouse gasses from our environment.

We are seeking new ways for business and industry, research institutions and government to come together to secure larger scale opportunities for new investment, growth, and jobs. With our partners we are reimagining the world’s most connected place as a driver of new innovation and future growth that embraces decarbonisation and becomes a green economy powerhouse.

West London is uniquely positioned to leverage Heathrow as the UK’s global gateway to promote research, entrepreneurship and business innovation in aviation, creative industries, tech and to help forge a more sustainable future.

LWIN is linking local innovation districts/ hubs across our geography from Hayes to Greenford, Ealing and White City.

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