The Aposto platform connects venues with their workforce so that they can receive safety briefings and training and updates directly on their phones.  Venues can also roster staff on to shifts and with our facial recognition integration, they can know exactly who is on site at any time; a complete audit trail of who is working and what training and qualifications they have.

More than ever before, venues need good well trained workers and they need to demonstrate how they have briefed and trained their staff and agency workers.  And the forthcoming Protect Duty Law is making this even more important. 


Aposto’s founder Cathy Long has campaigned for better safety at football matches since the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989.  After working at the Premier League leading their work in this area, she set up Aposto to further improve safety not just at sports but at concerts too. And everyone at Aposto has fan safety as their first priority.