BrightSentinel provides an all-in-one precise temperature monitoring subscription service to help businesses manage their quality control efforts, improve life and save precious resources.

Temperature has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. The challenge is to know when to take action to minimise detrimental effects of temperature variances over time. Manually collecting temperature records is time consuming and error prone. Thus, the solution must be quickly implemented, easy to use, flexible, reliable and affordable.

We add another must have; namely: Precision – the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. Our innovative calibration system enables us to include precisely calibrated with all our measurement devices to the provide confidence that our customers meet their quality assurance and regulatory compliance requirements.

We are passionate about thermodynamics and about how precise temperature data always tells a fascinating story – key drivers for quality control improvements and peace of mind.

These days, accumulating data for business intelligence is not an issue but the quality of the data is sometimes questionable. This is what drives us to continuously improve our automated calibration system; to push the measurement boundaries of affordable calibrated sensors and to implement technology that enables quick and safe communication and ready access to actionable data.