Managing your health can be difficult; interacting with tech shouldn’t be. Feathertail is a PC mouse you can wear, for example on your wrist, shoe, or even a pair of headphones. It’s responsive and easy to use. It is a collaborative project that is nurtured and grown in London. 

Feathertail moves the cursor around, and clicking is done through dwell to click software, separate clickers/pedals, or voice dictation. The device’s 3 high-precision sensors provide data hundreds of times per second, resulting in smooth and responsive cursor movement. The wearable ergonomic mouse aids easy interaction with tech. It can be used to use your computer to do the things you want. With a long lasting batter than lasts for more than a week between charges, you can control your devices with ease, sitting standing or relaxing.

Feathertail also speeds up recovery from repetitive strain injuries by avoiding chronic overuse and giving tendons time to heal and rest.