Climate innovation events on the horizon

Green Together Celebration

4 June 

Funded by Imperial and Undaunted, in collaboration with Startup Discovery School, the Green Together pre-incubator has brought together ten passionate founders dedicated to making a difference in areas such as air quality, recycling, health, wellbeing, and green job creation. But it’s more than just innovation; it’s about harnessing the power of community.

These entrepreneurs either live, work, or study in Hammersmith & Fulham. They’re not just building solutions; they’re also generating collaborative impact and stronger, more resilient communities.

Join us for an inspiring evening of mini demos, pitches, and networking. Let’s celebrate the power of innovation, collaboration, and community impact – we look forward to seeing you there!

Undaunted Climate Innovation Hub

London Climate Action Week 2024

24 June

Undaunted‘s Innovation Hub brings together our broad community of business partners, policymakers, investors, founders and innovation enthusiasts to accelerate solutions towards a climate resilient future.

The Hub will explore the cross-sectoral trends, challenges and opportunities for climate innovation in London and the UK through keynotes, panel discussions and a showcase from Undaunted’s most exciting founders.

Join us to discover how you can support and co-create a thriving climate innovation ecosystem.

This event is part of London Climate Action Week 2024. #LCAW2024

Climate Investment Challenge Finale

18 June

The Climate Investment Challenge calls on students to develop and describe creative financial solutions and innovations to address climate change. This could include identifying untapped climate finance opportunities or developing innovative financial structures or instruments that improve the bankability of climate investments.

Join us to help them celebrate the 2024 final! This exciting in-person event at The Royal Institution brings together the global finalists to present their innovative ideas in sustainable investing. Get ready to be inspired by cutting-edge solutions to combat climate change. Connect with industry leaders, academics, students, and fellow climate enthusiasts.

Plus X Innovation is holding a 2.5 day investment readiness innovation programme.

Embark on your next funding round with confidence! Gain a deep understanding of venture capital expectations, engage with investors strategically, and master the pitch. Elevate your fundraising strategy and position your business for success.

This two-day programme is designed to prepare you for your next round of investment.

The programme will provide:

• Investment Strategy: Led by Duncan Knight, gain frameworks to plan and execute your investment strategy effectively.
• Nailing Your Pitch: Learn from Ginny Randall to craft a compelling pitch that captivates investors.
• Pitch Content Coaching: Dive deep into pitch essentials for maximum impact.
• Pitch Delivery Workshop: Master the art of delivering a pitch with confidence and finesse.
• Working With Investors: Understand VC expectations and build fruitful relationships with Damon Bonser.
• AI Tools for Fundraising: Gareth Kemp will guide you on leveraging AI to streamline your investment process.
• Pitch Practice and Feedback: Pitch to a panel, receive tailored feedback, and network with investors.


To be eligible for selection you must be:

• A business or founder operating in London
• Experienced with investment from angel investors or early-stage venture capital funds
• Available to attend the full programme
• Able to complete forms (in-line with our funding partner requirements)

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Tuesday 21st May 2024 | The Stadium, Scale Space, 58 Wood Lane, London, W12 7RZ

Are you a developer, local authority, constructor, designer or other built environment professional who has a passion for addressing climate change?

Do you want to actively support the development of innovative climate tech solutions in the built environment?

The Imperial College London led Better Futures Retrofit Accelerator is designed to support start-ups achieve their goal of delivering low carbon innovation within London’s built environment retrofit sector.

This challenge workshop will bring together a group of innovators and built environment professionals to identify key barriers to the adoption of new technologies in building retrofit and select key themes for the cohort to take forward in the programme working groups.

Undaunted are currently seeking industry stakeholders who are actively participating in energy retrofit in the built environment to join us on this journey!

This will be an excellent opportunity for networking and gaining insights into emerging climate technology products in the built environment.



09.30 – Welcome & format of the day

09.40 – Introduction to the programme

09.45 – Intro session 1: Meet the cohort

10.05 – Workshop session 1: Challenges & issues

10.40 – Intro session 2: Meet the cohort

11.00 – BREAK

11.20 – Workshop session 2: What does success look like?

11.55 – Intro session 3: Meet the cohort

12.15 – Workshop session 3: Steps to success

12.50 – Intro session 4: Meet the cohort


14.00 – Introduce themes for discussion this afternoon

14.05 – Breakout discussions: Developing the working group themes

14.45 – Open floor: Thoughts & reflections

14.55 – Closing comments & next steps

15.00 – CLOSE

Through regulatory reforms like PISCES, the number of options available for founders to access capital in the UK is growing.

Darko Hajdukovic, Head of New and Private Markets for the London Stock Exchange PLC, says that changes to regulation and new funding opportunities are benefiting founders in the UK.

One ground-breaking initiative is the proposed Private Intermittent Securities and Capital Exchange System (PISCES) regulatory framework, which could create the world’s first regulated crossover market and is designed to allow private companies periodic access to a broader group of investors within the private market perimeter.

PISCES: Bridging the Gap Between Private and Public Markets

In March this year, the UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announced more detailed plans for PISCES as part of the Spring Budget.

Devised in response to the challenges faced by both growing and mature companies, PISCES offers a unique solution to the liquidity dilemma by enabling private companies to access liquidity whilst remaining private.

“PISCES regulation would solve a very real problem by bridging the gap between the private and public markets, creating a genuine boost to the scale-up economy in the UK and for any company that wishes to grow here,” Darko explains.

“It would allow management to focus on growing their companies while, at a frequency that is right for them, enabling shareholders to realise their gains, allowing companies to manage their cap table, and allowing new eligible investors to buy shares in exciting companies.”

How PISCES Works

The PISCES regulation allows any appropriately regulated venue in the UK to operate a crossover market.

The venue would be company-led, with the business able to opt into auctions on a periodic basis. Investors could submit their requests to buy or sell into a private auction that would settle within a matter of days. This would also allow a broader set of investors to buy shares in private companies, whilst the companies retain control over the types of investors who can gain access to the auction.

Critically, the market has been designed to ensure that companies remain private, with information remaining within a dedicated portal, and allows the company to operate between auction windows just as they normally would as a private company.

“For growth stage businesses specifically, we welcome the Government and the FCA’s ongoing steps to create this new framework” Darko notes.

“The introduction of this venue framework would provide private companies with choice not only in how and when they provide opportunities for existing investors to trade their holdings, but crucially to onboard new investors.”

PISCES and the Path Forward

For founders eager to tap into the potential of PISCES, proactive engagement is key. The Government is keen to ensure that PISCES venues are up and running as soon as possible and is committed to having the regulatory framework for the venue up and running by the end of the year.

Darko encourages companies to get in touch in with the London Stock Exchange to better understand the necessary preparation and to position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities offered by PISCES.

The need for new investors and more efficient methods of investing has never been greater. As the fundraising landscape in the UK continues to evolve, Darko envisions smooth continuum of finance across both public and private markets, fuelled by ongoing reforms and innovations.

“We are optimistic about the strength of the UK market,” he says. “The London Stock Exchange’s job is to ensure that a company’s needs, no matter their size, can be met in the UK, so that founders can start great companies here and have a long-term home for them.”

“We look forward to working with the industry in the coming months to bring this innovative solution to market.”

Click here to learn how the London Stock Exchange can support your business.


UK-registered micro and small businesses can apply for a share of up to £500,000 to develop adoptable and investable innovations within communication networks. This funding is from the Telecoms Technology Missions Fund programme.

Eligibility summary

This competition is open to single applicants only.

To lead a project your organisation must:

  • be a UK-registered micro or small business
  • not have previously been awarded funding from Innovate UK
  • carry out its project work in the UK
  • intend to exploit the project outcomes from the UK for domestic or global benefit


UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £8 million for innovative smart shipping technologies for maritime decarbonisation.

Eligibility summary

This competition is open to collaborations only.

To lead a project your organisation must be a UK registered business.


UK registered organisations and Irish organisations can apply for a share of up to a combined total of £860,000 (EUR 1 million) for joint research and development projects focused on UK and Irish green shipping corridor routes.

Eligibility summary

This competition is open to Ireland and UK collaborations only.

The project consortium must include:

  • a UK registered port or harbour
  • an eligible Irish registered port or harbour
  • a UK or Irish registered business that is a vessel owner or operator with a vessel operating on a route between Ireland and the UK


Investors can apply to partner with Innovate UK to invest in innovative micro, small and medium-sized enterprises aligned with grant funding.

Eligibility summary

To be considered as an investor partner you must:

  • be an investor
  • demonstrate that you are credible, have capacity for investment and have the capability to be an Innovate UK investor partner
  • confirm an interest in investing in businesses innovating in one or more of the future economy areas described in the Innovate UK plan for action
  • demonstrate your good financial standing


UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £2 million for people centred and systemic design projects across a range of themes and innovation areas. These are to influence, inform and de-risk their future research and development activity.

Eligibility summary

This competition is open to collaborations only.

To lead a project your organisation must be a UK-registered business.


UK registered micro, small and medium enterprises in the creative sector can apply for funding of between £10,000 and £30,000 for innovation projects to grow their business.

Eligibility summary

To lead a project your organisation must be:

Creative industries are those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.


Eligible UK public sector organisations can apply for up to £100,000 from the Knowledge Asset Grant Fund in this strand.

Eligibility summary

This competition is open to single applicants only. Other organisations may contribute to the project as a subcontractor.

To lead a project your organisation must be a UK government public sector organisation headed by an Accounting Officer responsible for upholding Managing Public Money (MPM).

This includes:

  • UK government departments
  • arms-length bodies
  • public sector research establishments (PSREs)

As part of the London West Innovation Network, you have already been able to take advantage of free business support, grants and supplier opportunities from councils including Ealing and Hillingdon, and organisations such as Heathrow.

There is now yet another opportunity that is up for grabs.

Funded by the UK Government, Green Business Action’s Better Futures is a support programme with a full suite of free options to help your organisation get ready to do business in the modern world.

Working on your company’s sustainability will set you up to secure contracts with corporate clients, bid for public sector money, and seek investment. The support we can provide (at no cost to you) will be tailored to the specific needs of your business, so you can save time while making the biggest impact possible.

Here is just some of the FREE support the programme provides:

If you are trading in London with 2 – 249 employees and have between £50k – £43m annual revenue, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE to take part and have already pre-qualified.

To secure your place sign up here or book a quick call with the team to find out more about our programme.

Reimagine London is New London Architecture‘s major new ideas competition to help shape the future of the city.

This competition is an opportunity for you to share innovative and aspirational ideas about the future of the capital which respond to the needs of London. We need you to help shape the future of the city. Reimagine London is the chance for you to share innovative and aspirational ideas about the capital. 

In collaboration with West London Business member, the LDN Collective, Reimagine London is open to anyone who has an interest in shaping our city.

There will be a £10,000 prize fund for the best new ideas for London. Members of the public will vote for their favourite shortlisted idea, from which a People’s Choice prize will be awarded. In September the international jury will meet to decide remaining prizes including a Young Londoners Prize for an idea developed by or with under 25s.

All shortlisted ideas from the competition will go on public display at a ‘Reimagine London’ exhibition opening at The London Centre in September, and up to 10 shortlisted ideas will be presented at a ‘Reimagine London’ PechaKucha event, coinciding with the exhibition!

Submissions will be judged on originality, demonstration of creativity and relevance to the brief.  Ideas will be evaluated against the New London Agenda’s “Six Pillars of Placemaking” which will form the basis of the selection criteria for the competition.

Competition entries must be submitted before the deadline of 17 June. You’ll be asked to submit a short proposal document alongside additional information through an application form, some fees may apply.

Brought to you by:

Marks and Spencer are looking for those who can join them in developing creative solutions to minimize food waste and create a more sustainable future for all.

Food waste is a challenge for all food retailers.  M&S are looking for cutting-edge solutions that will put them ahead of the competition to make them more sustainable,  efficient,  and streamlined in the food supply chain.

Innovators and experts at any stage of development are encouraged to apply.

A successful collaboration could mean forming a partnership or joint venture to co-develop and launch the idea to market.  This is a global Challenge and M&S is willing to collaborate with both individuals and freelancers,  and other industry participants,  universities etc.  M&S will have an internal review of all applications once the challenge has closed.  Successful applicants will be contacted at this point.

This opportunity is supported by Leading Edge Only (LEO).  Their mission is to find innovative solutions for clients to help them solve their business challenges.

If this is of interest to you,  please CONNECT through konfer.

University of West London is holding an upcoming masterclass, presented by SeedLegals.

Date: Tuesday 2nd April 2024

Time: 5.30 – 6:30 pm

Location: Westmont Enterprise Hub










SeedLegals will cover the key points that founders need to consider before they seek investment & discuss the preparation required.

1- Sorting out SEIS/EIS

2- Considering from whom you will be receiving investment

3- How to make sure that your data rooms and legals are in order

SeedLegals will discuss how to actually seek investment covering topics such as, how to create a great pitch, how to approach prospective investors and different funding strategies.

Book your free place! – Register here




Adam Philips

Funding Experts


Small Business Finance Market Report

The tenth edition of the British Business Bank’s Small Business Finance Market (SBFM) report is now available to view. The report’s key findings were:

1- Asset finance new deals up by 7% in 2023 to £23.5bn, the third yearly increase in a row and the highest level on record

2- Use of finance up from 41% of smaller businesses in first quarter to 50% in third quarter of 2023

3- Credit card and overdraft finance use up as business cashflows come under pressure Bank lending fell to £59.2bn, down 9% in nominal terms

4- Challenger and specialist banks account for 59% of total gross lending in 2023, exceeding the big 5 banks for the third consecutive year

5- Equity investment although declining to levels last seen in 2020, is still high by historic standards

6- UK business population up in 2023 for the first time since the start of the pandemic driven by rise in unregistered businesses

View/Download UK Press Release                         View/Download Full Report


SME Intermediary Report Findings

British Business Bank invited a number of people to take part in some important research as someone that engages directly with SMEs on access to finance. They are pleased to share the findings of that research for the area and the access to finance issues that face the small businesses.

Intermediaries taking part in the research provide a wide range of different sector experiences, including accountants, lawyers, business support specialists and brokers. Data for each UK nation or region is based on the survey information provided by intermediaries on where the SMEs they engage with operate.

View London Findings Video                        Video Download Slides                         View Reports


£140 Million lent to UK entrepreneurs over 50

Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank, has announced that it has delivered more than £140m of loans to UK entrepreneurs aged 50+ since its inception in 2012. The programme has supported 13,422 loans, at an average of £10,427.

Of these loans, more than £21m has gone to business owners over the age of 50 in London. 2,320 loans have been issued to businesses, with an average loan amount of £9,253 per business.

Read London Press Release


Start Up Guides for SMEs

When starting up a new business, there are so many considerations so we are pleased to share some practical tips and guidance from business advisers and industry experts, designed to help SMEs to build their business. There are a range of handy guides from marketing and PR through to SEO and business resilience.

Start-up Guides



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For some SMEs, paying their tax bill can seem complex, especially if it is a new business owner going through the Self Assessment process for the first time. Here is an article to help with some of the questions they may have.

Small business tax guide

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