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Thursday, 15th June
09:30 – 13:00 BST
1 Principal Pl, London EC2A 2FA,

Innovate the Amazon way: Bring Customer-Centric Ideas to Market Faster

Join us for an in-person workshop in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, specifically designed for small-medium businesses.
In this session, you’ll be introduced to Amazon’s culture of innovation featuring key strategies and tools to spark creativity, drive collaboration, and stay agile in a rapidly changing world. In addition to focussing on common challenges such as staying relevant in an evolving marketplace and increasing productivity.


Rob Hodges, UK Head of Digital Innovation. Rob has worked in innovation, insights, and strategy for over 15 years. His experience spans from launching new products and services for global brands in the consulting space as well as corporate innovation, as Head of Innovation at Samsung Europe.

Registration is free and lunch will be provided. All attendees must register for an account with AWS Connected Community  in the first instance in order to book a place. If you are already a Connected Community member, simply log in and secure your place. 

Previous Events
May 2023

Bringing together business leaders, industry experts, government representatives and successful entrepreneurs, this workshop will explore opportunities that are available to help your business expand and grow and how best to prepare to engage in market opportunities as they arise. The workshop will provide you with:  
* best practices on networking and building partnerships to access new supply chain links and expand your customer base.
* insights on popular avenues to identify and engage with public and private sector tendering opportunities.
* an overview of how best to demonstrate your capabilities and competitiveness, to secure the right contracts and contacts.

April 2023
Early-stage funding options for fast growth businesses
Understand the options available and how to choose the best route for your business.  An interactive session with an opportunity to learn from and interact with a panel of experts representing academia and finance as well as hear from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.The free-to-attend workshop will provide:

* An overview of the various opportunities and challenges in different funding sectors.
* An opportunity to interact with representatives from the different funding landscapes.
* A member case study in health-tech, on their journey of navigating the different funding options.
February 2023
WLB Leaders’ Briefing: Introduction to AI tools for your Business
AI tools for you business
Find out how AI tools are changing the world of work and gain practical steps to start using AI in your business and supply chain. The session is led by Rupert Chesman, a creative who has worked with countless companies across the world making their commercial content, including videos, blogs and scripts.