Ealing Gin is a super-premium gin, in a stunning bottle. It encapsulates the rich cultural heritage, joie-de-vivre and strong community spirit of the Queen of The Suburbs. Launched in 2019, Ealing Distillery produces and sells hand-crafted gin locally in the borough. Distilled in a traditional copper still named Felicity, the gin is in the premium category which means it uses the finest botanicals as well as the London gin distilling process.
The aim of this project is to innovate, market and develop the product and secure a larger foothold in the market enabling the creation of a larger distillery and visitors’ centre – a tourist destination in the heart of Ealing. A crucial element of their project was to ensure their bottle were more environmental friendly and cost-effective, they have now collaboratively created a new, organic ink spraying technology to decorate their bottle instead of plastic based decals.