Local Green Hydrogen
Hydrogen Waves (HyWaves) Ltd is a technology company, that is developing a simplified electronics design architecture for renewable energy to green hydrogen production, focusing on new technology to drive down the cost of green hydrogen produced locally.
The technology allows for a point-to-point Direct Current (DC) connection between the solar plant and the electrolyser, contrary to the usual Alternating Current (AC) connection. The direct DC-DC coupling scheme eliminates the need for costly power electronics such as inverters and transformers, while at the same time maximising the electrolyser output depending on weather conditions. Overall, the levelised cost of hydrogen production is reduced by 20%.
The HyWaves Team had previously participated in two solar to hydrogen projects, one sponsored by an Italian gas major and another by Innovate UK. While working on these projects, the HyWaves team spotted a gap in the market to develop the simplified electronics architecture and set up a brand new company in June/2022. They have now successfully field tested their electronics solution on four panel (1kW) and demonstrated superb hydrogen production.