The Imaginarium Studios, the trading name for Creative Capture Services, is a world-class pioneer in the development of Performance Capture and Virtual Production techniques and technologies. They are a pioneering, world-class Perfomace Capture and Virtual Production facility based at Pinewood Studios and the US. Perfomance Capture involves bringing together the body data of performers with footage created through the use of head mounted cameras that track every subtle movement of the human face, to deepen audience’s emotional engagement.
Their innovations have been used on numerous major Film, TV and Video Game projects over the years with clients ranging from Netflix, Marvel, Apple, Disney and many others. This project will allow Imaginarium Studios to continue to research and develop new tools, software and hardware that will enable the company to expand its competitive advantage and the focus will be on turning the creative and technical demands of their clients into production-ready tools and innovations that will aim to be the best examples of their kind in the world.