Armaros was founded by equestrian, fashion designer and innovator Esmeralda Bright who has brought together a team of 300 equestrians, sport scientist, physio therapists and engineers. 
With 15 years of experience in soft body armour, Managing Director Andy Gregory and Esmeralda are breaking the trend of restrictive body protection. Armaros is creating a new golden standard for equestrian body protectors by developing a novel protective mesh material, to protect the spine and torso from hyper extending and dissipating impact while allowing a natural range of movement. 
The carefully designed mesh material comprises of naturally strong geometric shapes connected with a defined structure that allows and prevents movement as determined for the use case. They have fully patented the Armaros flexible spine protection mesh and have trademarked the Armaros brand and logo in the UK, with EU and USA/Canada trademarks pending. They have scoped their supply chain with garment manufacturer, shock absorption foam and injection mould suppliers.