MARS Academy Hillingdon is a job creation project that intends to train the next generation of Virtual Production Specialists with a specialism in Sustainability and employment-ready Virtual Production skills to support this high growth and highly innovative field for the film industry. 
MARS Academy will be the culmination of Bild Studios’ extensive and highly specific industry experience, leveraged their unique vantage point to see the industry skills gap, and a real need to attain the sustainable future potential that Virtual Production brings the film industry. It is these elements that woven together form the innovation of the project – producing world-leading training to develop Virtual Production Specialists, right here in Hillingdon.   They had moved well ahead of schedule by creating 42 Virtual Production Professional by late 2022. They have also embarked on a zero carbon approach (in keeping with West London Business’s Better Futures + programme) and seeks to develop a sustainability tool, building on top of their Albert BAFTA framework. They have delivered Summer School Programmes, for film professionals, group students and school leavers, and has initiated several additional activities like Student Career Open days at MARS Volume, and MARS Academy Alumni Employment Event.