Cryogenx are developing radical new medtech devices to enable humans to perform in the heat.
Our first product, Cryosuit, is a portable, high performance body cooling device, designed to revolutionise heat stroke treatment.  Cryosuit is the ice bath in your backpack. Designed to emulate ice water immersion with a fraction of the resources, Cryosuit enables life-saving treatment to be delivered in any scenario.
Globally, 495,000 people die from heat stress every year, with many of these deaths attributed to climate change.  By 2030, the effects of heat stress will cost the global economy $2.4trn a year, and heat related deaths are predicted to increase by 257%. We’re here to change that.
In the UK alone, Public Health England projects a 257% increase in heat-related deaths by 2050. This is an inescapably growing issue that demands a rapid, tech led solution. Our technology overcomes the critical barriers of current treatment methods, and provides a lightweight, compact and portable treatment option, able to be used in any scenario.