Freeaim is dedicated to creating new immersive technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges that remain with virtual reality (VR).
They are currently focused on creating a natural feeling, affordable, safe, and compact wearable technology to enable walking in VR. There have been other attempts to solve this with bulky and expensive products that have not been well received, and no one else has created a product suitable for the mass market. Freeaim intends to change this with their omni-directional VR smart-shoes which are more like mini-Teslas for feet, but look like shoes and feel like a gym treadmill.
Our aim is to provide incredible immersion, ease of use and affordability, bringing realistic VR movement to gaming, fitness, training and more!
Our innovative VR Shoes let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction, while keeping you safely inside a small area.