Concept AI Incliner - soon to be in production
hangAIR is the world’s-first, forward incliner that is scientifically designed for optimal and time-effective rest and recuperation to help people breathe, sleep and reset anywhere, anytime.
hangAIR is using a multitude of techniques and technologies including custom hardware, users’ existing wearable tech, big-data and AI to create new methods for prevention, treatment and recovery from burnout.
Their aim is to develop the world’s-first Smart Rocking Incliner (prone position), designed specifically to enhance and provide guided breathing, relieve back pain, improve sleep and memory consolidation, and reduce stress and anxiety. The incliner, integrated with sensory technology and their wellness app, creates a health and wellness ecosystem able to help millions of people efficiently.
We are on a mission to help the 3 billion people suffering from respiratory illnesses, back pain, sleep deprivation or burnout.