HecoAnalytics provides market access support to health tech companies, enabled by the application of the latest computing technologies, to demonstrate the value proposition of new healthcare interventions to commissioners and payers such as the NHS. 
It brings together state of the art health evidence modelling, health economics, real time data collection and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a new data science platform that sits alongside tools such as The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) META tool. 
This project will use novel AI techniques to target medical technology interventions better and learn from previous deployments. Their two project milestones have passed with succesful outcomes: 
The first, the Trello system involves the delivery of a project tracking environment, and was set up to manage the different project streams using an agile story-based approach. The second milestone resulted in two data preparation software products – HecoNect alongside Heconsult. The first provides a data-feed from client companies (including data standardisation). They second allows additional manual data workflows to sit alongside HecoNect. The AI/Machine Learning work has been designed and software development has started.