Otermans Institute, an innovation in education SME, have created a cross-border training system for soft skills and professional development that is functional in 10+ countries, and have created multiple conversational AI teachers to further scale their training delivery and outreach. 
Their mission was born in the post-pandemic crisis, when they decided to give some of their training out for free to people around the world, so they can make most of their work under ‘lockdown’ and become better trained and more informed. This will democratise their training and give everyone a one-to-one AI teacher in their pocket. They are now creating an AI-powered avatar which will translate spoken work/audio (live/recorded lessons, speeches, social media) into sign-language in real-time to open up digital content, particularly online learning content, for sign speakers. 
Through the Hillingdon Enterprise Fund, they hope to launch this Sign AI at production level for mainstream sign and hearing-impaired users with a focus on Hillingdon and London.  They currently have a British sign translating avatar that can translate text, audio and video output.