Pet Instincts develop smart home devices which improve the mental health of pets and their owners. With the ambition to improve the quality of life of our beloved companions like dogs, who have been found to improve joy hormone levels in our brain by 300% through short bonding times. 
Their innovative approach applies an emerging technique within the pet wellness space knows as Enrichment, all in an effort to reduce the arisal of problematic behaviour such as anxiety which may devleop due to a combination of boredom, isolation and lack of activities while alone. Pet Instincts’ goal is to return the favour to our pets and ensure that their wellbeing is also maintained. 
Pet Instincts is developing a product system that allows pet owners to remotely care for their pet’s emotional happiness and safety at all times. Their technology and data enable dog owners to track, interact, adjust and learn from their dog’s home alone experience, setting Pet Instincts apart from the competition. Along with the creation of new jobs, they have developed their MVP prototype in-house at CRL and are in the process of securing new suppliers (both in the UK and internationally) to gauge their insights on their manufacturing and getting new quotes.