Cultivate London

Cultivate London works to improve health and wellbeing across London by encouraging and supporting local communities to engage with their green spaces.
Cultivate London will pilot a ground-breaking Circular Bio-economy model in Ealing in order to manage food and green waste where it is produced using advanced technology. They will valorise by-products on-site to grow food for local consumption, deploy energy-efficient hydroponics as well as soil-based growing to maximise resources and use AI technology to optimise the flow of nutrients, water and energy. This will prioritise local distribution to maintain food with high nutrient content for better health and immunity.
They work with communities, businesses and local government to create and maintain enjoyable and sustainable urban green space, give local people the opportunity to learn, train and work. They also generate engagement in urban space and food growing through bespoke employment opportunities, learning opportunities and by making horticulture education accessible to all.