Event Update: West London Skills Summit

Event Update: West London Skills Summit

The West London Skills Summit will bring together local employers and skills/training institutions to contribute to an informed and represented London Local Skills Improvement Plan, an initiative funded by the Department of Education to ensure higher education/skills suits local labour market needs.

The London Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) aims to build a stronger and more dynamic relationship between the employers and skill providers within the local skills system, and plays a crucial role in tackling technical skills shortages. This is of utmost importance in the current economic climate, in an exceptionally tight labour market.

West London Business and West London Alliance own the credit for the sub-region’s annex to the London LSIP. The West London Skills Summit will provide the stage to ensure the representation of diverse voices to contribute to LSIP.

The Summit is a fully catered, all-day event with networking events in between hosted at the West Hall, University of West London. The entry fee is £10.

Follow the link to register or contact Charlie.Boyd@westlondon.com for any queries.