UK Government to invest £60 million to develop Clean Maritime Solutions

UK Government to invest £60 million to develop Clean Maritime Solutions

The UK’s race to decarbonise the maritime sector has been given another vital boost, with a £60 million funding to be distributed to companies across the country developing futuristic green technology. This project is part of the UK government plans to back innovative businesses and reach net zero by 2050.

The government will be funding the development of new clean maritime technology across a 2-year period. Companies in 12 regions across the UK can benefit from the cash, generating highly skilled labour in the nation and will position the UK as a world leader in green solutions.

The funding comes from the third round of the government’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC3), which focuses on developing a range of clean maritime technologies including hydrogen, ammonia, electric and wind power.  The CMDC is one of the many initiatives from UK SHORE to fund green technology. Last week the government launched the Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure competition to support projects in the latter stages of development and the clean maritime research hub. The is aimed at the early science and research behind green technology.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said,

Our maritime sector imports 95% of goods into the UK and contributes £116 billion to our economy – more than both aviation and rail combined. With growing the economy one of the Government’s top priorities, we must continue our efforts to ensure the UK remains a pioneer in cutting-edge clean maritime solutions. The funding we’re awarding today will help to do just that, bringing emission-free concepts to life and fuelling innovation.

During the 2-year investment period, successful companies will be required to demonstrate that their projects will work in the real world, helping them to progress towards becoming an everyday reality.

Learn more about how you might be eligible for the funding and also explore some of the existing winners of the programme.